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With a passion for taking the game that little bit further, our aim is to bring together coaches thoughts and ideas about best practice, combining Grassroots, Academy and Professional football coaching to innovate and propel knowledge of the game at every level. Check some our level 1 practices to get you started.
With our different subscription packages, we will be providing detailed session tutorials together with analytical content obtained through observing some of the top clubs in the world. We have some of these on our level 1 platform so you can see exactly what we are talking about.
We have tried to make it as easy as possible for coaches to find content by level, skill and practice type. We will be developing this navigation further over the coming weeks and months, with tagged content, mega menu options and the facility for coaches to save sessions to their coach calendar.
Grassroots - Starter

Level 1 Content

100s of Practices, Sessions and Mini Formations in addition to sample Animations

As a Level 1 Member, you will have access to all of our Grassroots and Academy practices which are categorised by skill. Each practice contains progressions that you can use to develop sessions, increasing or decreasing challenge, depending on your group's age and ability level.

Our content gives coaches the opportunity to browse and use practices and sessions together with a few of our sample animations to accompany these. Blogging will also be a vital component of our free platform and we are looking for footballing folk to contribute in any way that would help coaches in their development.

See Level 1 Content
Level 1 Content


Save countless hours of session planning time with these practices. Our specific skill based sessions provide enough variety to engage your group of any age and ability level.


Level 2 Content

Detailed and animated Level 2 Technical, Skill and SSG Practices and Sessions Plans

Our Level 2 content focuses on providing as much information around Technical, Skill and Small Sided Games. Progressions and Key Coaching Points will accompany all practices and our full 2,3 and 4 part sequenced sessions can be applied to your groups at any level.

In addition, we will be adding complete animations to support this material, to aid in the transfer of knowledge and to ensure the application of practices is as seamless as possible. Our formation analysis has a focus on 5 v 5 and 7 v 7 set ups and looks at the advantages and disadvantages of each, again with animations to support.

See Level 2 Content
Level 2 Content

Focused Sessions Small Numbers

This is an example of the Technical and Skill based Sessions that can be applied to Level 2 courses and to your smaller groups and specified units in your team.


Level 3 Content

Latest Animated Functions, Phases Of Play and 8 v 8 SSGs Session Plans and 11 v 11 Analysis

Our Level 3 content provides those coaches with experience in coaching through applying Level 1 and 2 concepts to their groups, to now focus on more game related and position specific sessions.

Our material consists of Functional Practices, Phases Of Play, 8 v 8 SSGs, Wave Practice, Patterns Of Play and ATPs. With many sequenced sessions that can be applied to Level 3 coaching courses, you are also able to combine these key points to develop players and units in specific areas in our Phase 1-6 Game approach.

See Level 3 Content
Level 3 Content

Learning The Game

With our more game related sessions, you can now apply focused tactical elements of the game to specific units in your groups.


Level 4 Content

Detailed Lead In and 11 v 11 Sessions, together with Tactical Solutions Animated Resources

With our more advanced Level 4 content, we have developed Lead Sessions and 11 v 11 games as a follow up to the tactical detail delivered in our Level 3 material. With this new found knowledge, coaches can link Lead Sessions, which focus predominantly on individual units, into an 11 v 11 setup with key coaching points also defined.

We are also building our animated 'Tactical Solutions' material which will focus on provide numerous solutions to many aspects of the game. With the focus on 11 v 11, we will be developing content in areas such as 'High Pressure Scenarios', 'Combining In The Final Third', 'Recognition Of When to Counter Or Retain' and much, much more.

See Level 4 Content
Level 4 Content

11 v 11 Tactical Solutions

Our 'Solutions Catalogue' is developing material covering the following phases: 1. Attacking, 2. Defending, 3. Attacking Transition and 4. Defensive Transition.

Elite - Lifetime

Level 5 Content

Latest findings in the game, with a specific focus on Professional Club Tactical Approaches For Life.

Our 'Elite Level' is an exciting proposition and allows coaches to sign up to the Touchtight platform for life. We aim to provide the latest cutting edge material in the field of coaching, focusing on the development of the tactical side of the professional game.

Our 'Ahead Of The Game' and 'Elite Solutions' components will contain step by step illustrations of how some of the greatest teams set up and will also house Animated Sessions and Video Match Analysis to allow you to learn from the leading figures in the game.

See Level 5 Content
Level 5 Content

Elite Pro Content

This solution is one of many that we are producing and our researchers will continue to dig out the latest progressions in the game.

  • Level 1 Starter


    Beginning The Journey

    • Access 100s of Practices
    • Search by Skill & Type
    • Plus Complete Sessions
    • 5 v 5 and 7 v 7 Analysis
    • Animated Practices
    • Read Latest Blogs
  • Level 2 Developing


    Learning The Game

    • All Starter Level plus..
    • Technical, Skill & Small Sided Game Practices
    • Sequenced Session Plans
    • Download all PDF Session Plans
    • 9 v 9 Analysis
  • Level 3 Aspiring


    Focus On The Details

    • All Starter & Developing plus..
    • Functional Practices, Phases Of Play and Small Sided Games (B Content)
    • Added Waves, Patterns Of Play and Advanced Technical Practices
    • 11 v 11 SWOT & Versus Analysis
  • Level 5 Elite

    £295.00(1 Payment)

    Full Membership For Life

    • All Levels +
    • Latest Professional Analysis
    • All Level 1-4 Sequenced Categorised Content

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