• Running area set up as 50 x 40 in this example, but depending on age group could work with half or full pitch if available. Position 8 stations around the outside of the pitch, each with 2 players. Group must start by sprinting 1 section and jogging 7, followed by sprinting 2 and jogging 6 and so on until they sprint the full circuit.
  • 50 x 30 Yard area with cones set up as shown with a ball on each cone. Each area will have a goal and Goalkeeper for players to shoot and players will be split into 2 groups to start. Idea is for one player from each group to run to each cone take their shot and sprint back around base cone / mannequin before shooting next ball and so on.
  • This animated football practice shows how players can use a Wave Practice to develop an ability to break defensive lines with forward passes in a 3 v2 and 4 v 2 counter.
  • Circle area laid out with a 20 - 30 yard diameter depending on player numbers, with 2 players combining centrally and outside players as passers and receivers.
  • In a 20 x 20 Square area, split into 4 quarters as shown (10 x 10s). 4 v 4 with 2 floaters, each team must have 1 player in each box at all times to start in a 1 v 1 and floaters can combine anywhere in the area.
  • 3 teams of 4-6 players in an area 30 long x 15 wide. Area is split into 3 sections, each 10 x 15. Each of the 3 teams must start in a different playing area, with 1 team keeping possession in one end zone. 2 players press from middle area to win possession and transfer the ball to the opposite end.



  • In this Counter Attacking Session, we have 4 players breaking defensive lines in a Technical, Semi-Opposed and Opposed 3 Part Session.
  • In this 3 Part Session, we combine a 4 v 2 opposed practice, a technical attacking practice and an opposed skill session to develop effective forward movements to support strikers.
  • In this 2 Part Session, we combine a 4 v 2 opposed practice with a technical attacking practice to develop effective forward movements.




  • This animated football practice shows how players can use a technical passing sequence to attack in central areas and develop creative combinations that can be taken into opposed game based practices.
  • This animation illustrates how Real Madrid scored their first goal on the counter attack against Juventus in the 2016-17 Champions League Final. In addition to this Match Analysis piece, we have combined 3 practices
  • This animation shows how players can use a Technical Passing practice to warm up, focusing on their physical and mental preparation for sessions.


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