• In this Attack v Defence practice, we focus on defensive pressure and player's ability to defend the goal. Defender starts with the ball and plays initial pass into striker and can press as soon as attacking player takes their first touch.
  • In this Technical Practice, we have 4 passing players on the outside of the 18 Yard Box with 3 balls each and attacking players begin in central square, attacking 1 player at a time.
  • In this Opposed 4 v 2 practice, possession team must keep the ball in each of the 4 areas within this 20 x 20, against 2 defending players who can press to regain in any area.






  • This animation shows how players can develop their defensive understanding as a unit and as a team to prevent forward passes, limiting space for attackers to exploit.
  • This opposed 1 v 1 defending practice can be used to develop individual attacking and defending technique.
  • This opposed defending practice can be used to develop pressing and covering lines and can also be used to encourage penetrating defensive lines. Egypt beats Italy, the world champions by Muhammad Ghafari, used under CC BY / Colour & Text added to original



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