Progressive Possession | Opposed / Directional (18-S1)

Phase 2: Possession Questions

Age Group 14+

Duration 60 minutes

Players 13+

This 60 minute 2 part session is more suitable for players 14 and above and combines a simple opposed football practice with a more directional based exercise.



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Opposed Skill


Progressive Possession | Opposed (18-P1)

Organisation / Set Up
This is Practice 1 from Theme 18: Progressive possession, and is played in a 30 by 30 Yard square area, with two 5 yard target zones as shown. With a 6 v 6 plus 2 floaters, the possession team must look to keep the ball and find the floaters with passes into the specified zones. Players must then either find the opposite zone or make 5 passes to play back into the same area.

18 P1 2

Key Coaching Points
  • (Tactical) Recognise space to exploit
  • (Technical) Weight and accuracy of pass together with timing of movement
  • (Physical) Agility and speed to lose players in a tight space

18 P1 3


Progressions & Constraints 1
We can progress this practice by allowing any player from the team in possession to receive a pass in these zones unopposed.


Defending Outnumbered 13 P3 3


Key Points
The opportunity exists for the possession team to score if the floater receives in any of the 2 zones. Players can then measure risk v reward, recognising when to attack goal after making 3 passes.



18 P1 4


Key Questions
  • How quickly can you space to move into?
  • Are you able to create space for other players during play and if so how?
  • How does the progression and constraint change your approach in possession?





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Progressive Possession | Directional (18-P3)

Set Up
Practice 3 in Theme 18 Progressive Possession, is based around a 343 diamond formation with 7 players in possession (including a floater) against 4 midfielders and 2 strikers.

Progressive Possession


Half a pitch is set up as shown, with Blues aiming to build play patiently to break defensive lines into the striker at the opposite end. Players will look to build play back through the thirds to return, initially in a 5 v 2, progressing to a 5 v 4 in the central third and then returning to a 5 v 2 starting again with our deep midfielder.

18 P3 2

Key Coaching Points
  • Tactical | Use Overloads to break lines
  • Technical | Passing and control quality to build play
  • Social | Short and long supportive movement

Progressive Possession | Directional


Progressions & Constraints 1
When Reds win possession, they must look to build play from one end to the other using the floater. Overload numbers will vary, with an initial 5 v 3 progressing to a 5 v 4 in the central zone and finally breaking into a 5 v 3 in the final third.



Key Questions
  • Where are spaces to exploit in each zone?
  • How can you maximise overloads in each zone, where are you vulnerable?