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Shooting In & Around The Penalty Area | Opposed (21-P3)

Set Up & Organisation
Practice 3 of Theme 21 Shooting in and around the penalty area, can be applied to players of all ages and focuses on movement to lose defenders and individual finishing technique. With the pitch split into 3 zones, 2 players attack and defend from balls passed in from one of 4 outside players. With a goalkeeper at each end, players must alternate attacks at each end. If the defender wins possession they must attack the other end becoming the attacker until dispossessed. Keep a tally of all goals scored and work 6 balls for each pair before rotating individuals.

21 P3 1


Progressions & Constraints
Progress the practice by allowing attackers to now enter the attacking zone to finish, triggering an outside player to press. If the new defender wins possession, they can pass to the original defender, who then attacks the opposite end.

21 P3 2

Key Coaching Points
  • Tactical | Double movement to lose defenders
  • Technical | Dribbling and RWTB speed and finishing
  • Physical | Speed to escape, agility to change direction
Key Coaching Questions
  • Where is the space to break into?
  • How can you create half a yard of space quickly?