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Ball Mastery 05


Ball Mastery | Passing (BM-05)

Organisation / Set Up
This Skill Practice develops short passing over 5-10 Yards, allowing players to use both feet whilst developing movement off of their first touch.


Key Coaching Points
  • Technical | Short passing with both feet (Weight and accuracy)
  • Technical | Control to move ball from one side to the other (Inside / Outside)
  • Pysch | Confidence to improve technique steadily



Progressions & Constraints 1
Players must take the ball around each cone with their first touch towards the cone.



Progressions & Constraints 2
Once technique established and improvements observed, encourae players to rotate between grids after a certain number of passes; communication key here.
Key Questions
  • WWhat is important for your teammates recieving your pass?
  • What are the technical aspects of passing that you need to focus on?
  • How can you ensure rotation between grids is smooth and players move quickly?