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In this Possession / Pressing Opposed Practice, we focus on pairs of defenders regaining possession as quickly as possible. Multi Directional Practice | This practice focuses on developing players ability to press possession players to regain possession quickly, through forcing direction and limiting gaps for opposition to play through. Work with 3 balls between 6 players, giving the 2 defenders chance to win each ball as quickly as possible. When possession won they can score in any one of 4 mini goals as shown, before pressing the group to win second ball and third. Once all balls won, rotate defending players.


  • Attacking Emphasis 30% 30%
  • Defending Emphasis 70% 70%

Age Group

Number of Players


Key Coaching Point 1

Increase or decrease number of passers or defenders depending on ability of each group (e.g. 7 v 2, or 5 v 3).

Progressions & Constraints 2

Time each pair to win 6 balls, work 3 balls and then another 3 once they are won.

Key Coaching Points
  • Ensure Possession and movement between passing players challenges defensive pairings.
  • Speed of press, with a particular focus on triggers for pressing as a pair (i.e. Slow pass, bad touch, lofted pass).
  • Limiting gaps in between, trying to isolate 1 or 2 passing players.
  • Effective communication for both defending and passing players throughout (e.g. time, man on, press).


Difficulty Rating


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