Play At Home | Touch & Finish (40-P2)

This ‘Play At Home’ practice is focused on players control, lateral movement and quick feet together with finishing in and around goal.

  • Attacking Emphasis 100% 100%
  • Defending Emphasis 0% 0%

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Key Coaching Points 1

Focus on your first touch to move the ball through the gate accurately, well weighted so you can pass the ball on the other side before playing the pass back, performing quick feet, before receiving a return pass to finish in the goal on the opposite side. 

Progression 1: Weaker Foot and Increased Movement

Develop your first touch outside of the area now and finish in the near side goal with your weaker foot on each side. With this added challenge, you will begin to slow down and execute your finish more carefully. 

Progression 2: Physical Focus to Develop Speed

 Introduce ladders if you have these, or poles and cones to aid the selected physical exercise. Quick feet will develop speed and co-ordination, which are extremely useful traits for attacking players


Key Coaching Points
Physical: Movement and balance to control the ball and body between sections
Technique: Touch to move the ball in small spaces under close control
Technique: Finishing on both feet, near and far
How can I move quicker in between areas whilst still in control?
What is the difference between weaker and stronger foot finishing technique?
How does your standing foot influence this and how can you develop it?


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