Play At Home | Movement To Finish (40-P5)

Practice 5 of the play at home series, works on individual player’s movement to lose what would be opposition to receive, move the ball and finish quickly. In addition we include finishing and movement practices to enable players to combine these different elements.

  • Attacking Emphasis 100% 100%
  • Defending Emphasis 0% 0%

Age Group

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Key Coaching Points 1: Movement to receive

Focus on movement off the angle of the pole, check shoulders to develop the habit to check for defenders who will you press you in games and take ball out of your feet on 1 touch to attack space and finish.

Progression 1: Physical Focus (Power / Speed)

After shot, player must sprint to corner and jump hurdles two footed to develop power, before sprinting through ladders using quick feet and then sprint through to the end pole. 

Link to the Game

For older players, think about how these skills can link to their game in whatever position players play in. It’s important that skills are transferrable to the game where they can be applied in a game situaton. 

Key Coaching Points

– Technical: First touch and finishing
– Physical: Body shape to play forward
– Physical: Speed and balance in between stations


– How can I move into position quickly to give myself time on the ball?
– How can I maintain technique over hurdles and ladders and maintain speed?


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