Play At Home | Individual (40-P4)

Football Practice 4 of our ‘Play at Home’ Series combines working on your touch, movement off the ball to open your body and check shoulders, running with the ball and quick feet in ladders.

  • Attacking Emphasis 100% 100%
  • Defending Emphasis 0% 0%

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Key Coaching Points 1

Focus on your first touch and movement off the angle of poles to receive on your back foot to be able to drive into space. It is crucial you get into the habit of checking shoulders as you will in a game situation, to ensure you have space to drive into and can see pressing defenders.  

Progression 1: Speed Challenge

Now we can begin to introduce your speed of movement whilst maintaining technique in each step. Give yourself a score for each correctly performed technique together with the time it takes you to complete the course. 

Key Coaching Points

Technical: Short side foot passing
Technical: Movement to take first touch forward
Physical: Quick feet and speed between poles


– How can you ensure your movement allows you to take the first touch in front?
– How can you vary sprints between ladders and poles?
– How else can you take the ball to break into space?


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