Play At Home | Individual (40-P3)

This practice incorporates many different principles to engage players at home. We begin with some ladder work using whatever sequence you think your player needs to work on, before a bounce pass is played. After this initial pass, player must move quickly to get themselves into a position to receive a second pass to control and play off a rebound board. This must be through the poles shown and firm enough to return the bounce on one touch and play another pass off the rebound board at the opposite end. 

  • Attacking Emphasis 100% 100%
  • Defending Emphasis 0% 0%

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Number of Players


Key Coaching Points 1

Focus on individual technique in each area of the practice, with a lot of variation in player movement and skill execution. It’s very easy to just go for speed and forget technique, but it is crucial you focus on getting this right first with both feet before focusing on speed. 

Progression 1

Now you are fine with your technique and you have made progress from the beginning of the soccer drill, you can now begin to challenge yourself by setting targets for accuracy and time. 

Key Coaching Points 2

It is crucial to reiterate that technique over speed is the main objective here. You can steadily increase your speed without sacrificing technique and you will start to see big improvements in your, dribbling, passing and finishing. 

Key Coaching Points

– Technical: Running with ball close control
– Passing and finishing accuracy
– Balance and speed to accel and decel as neccesary between exercises. 


 – What skill do I need to work on most and how?
– How does speed influence my technique and how can I adjust?


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