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Now let’s get players focused away from the training ground.. nothing stops individuals learning and so this new coaching scheme will aim to allow individuals to conduct their own sessions from one place. We will be hoping to get a piece of individual content out to players each day that can be applied away from training.

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Get comfortable working on both feet bouncing passes off the wall at different angles so you are able to take your first touch out in front of you before finishing into corners. Challenge yourself and set timings if you are happy with your technique to challenge yourself under pressure and add some competitiveness to motivate. 

We can introduce ladders, poles or cones to add a physical component into your practice, depending on what aspect of your physical you wish to develop. This example shows how you can use hurdles for plyometrics with bounces for power and ladders for quick feet to improve speed. 

Key Coaching Points
Technical: Passing Quality against wall
Technical: First touch out in front
Technical: Quality of finishing (Accuracy and power
Is my technique right on both feet, how can I improve?
How can I adapt my body shape to be comfortable with my first touch?
How can I change technique with my finishing?


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