Organisation/Set Up

Defenders set up either side of the defending third. One defender plays pass into 1 of 2 attackers who attack defender quickly to get shot off against GK. One big goal for Attacking players to attack and 2 mini goals for Defender to attack if they win possession. Pass from each side and rotate attackers and defenders after 4-5 minutes.

  • Attacking Emphasis 70% 70%
  • Defending Emphasis 30% 30%

Age Group

Number of Players


Progression & Constraints

3 v 2 Attack v Defence Overload Practice. Focus on movement and timing of forward passes to ensure there is a clear relationship and understanding between attacking players. 

Progression 1: Success Constraint (increase challenge)

If defenders are successful for a certain time period to keep attacking players from getting a successful shot off (e.g. 4-6 seconds) then defenders can introduce an extra player, creating a 3 v 3 outfield situation. This increase in challenge will force attackers to attack quicker or adapt when faced with this balanced situation. 

Key Coaching Points
  • Technical: Running with the ball at defenders and execution of pass and finish.

  • Tactical: Recognise space to exploit with the overload.

  • Physical: Speed to break lines with and without the ball.

  • 1 | Where does the space appear in the attacking phase?

  • 2 | How can you move defenders around to create space to attack?

  • 3 | How does the progression influence attacking options?


Difficulty Rating


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