How to Defend Compact as Defending 3 (06-P1)

  • Attacking Emphasis 35% 35%
  • Defending Emphasis 65% 65%

Age Group

Number of Players


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Set Up

20 x 20 yard for younger age groups, increasing in size with age increase no bigger than 30 x 30. Four players to keep possession on outside of square with two Floaters either end & 1-2 placed centrally, with four Yellows central trying to regain possession. When possession regained Yellows move to outside, Blues become central defending players.

Progression 1

Once defenders have gained possession, then now become outside players and switch play.

Progression 2

1 player can step inside off the line, encouraging outside floater to find angles.

Progression 3

One defender can now press in the outside area, leaving 2 defenders centrally to limit any penetration.

Progression 4

A player can now drop into central zone to connect of the shoulder or pressing defender, timing is crucial.

Progression 5

After successfull connection in the area, player must drop and another player from one of the two remaining teams must look to connect in the central zone.

Key Coaching Points
  • Pressing and Screening
  • Compactness in central zone
  • Communication between defenders 
  • Where is the best position to support my teammate?
  • How can I limit penetration?
  • How does this change defending when a teammate presses?


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