Organisation / Set Up

This Dribbling practice requires at least 5 players in a 15 yard diameter circle area, with each player beginning with a ball each to dribble. Players encouraged to be creative and try as many tricks and dribbles as they can unopposed to begin with before introducing various obstacles and challenges.

  • Attacking Emphasis 80% 80%
  • Defending Emphasis 20% 20%

Age Group

Number of Players


Progression 1: Add 2 Areas

Add 2 areas, where players must perform a different trick and with increased traffic closer control is encouraged.

Progression 2: Add Defender

Add a defender to add pressure to dribblers, so they must avoid each other as well as perform a dribble in area.

Progression 3: Passing Floater 

With increased difficulty with added defender, a floater could act as a wall pass for dribblers under pressure.
Key Coaching Points

– Technical – Close control under pressure of defenders
– Technical – Ability to use both feet in turning
– Physical – Change of Pace when required


– Is the space available for players appropriate?
– How can I work individually with each player?
– Is there room to extend the challenge for higher ability players?


Difficulty Rating


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