Ball Mastery | Turning (BM-03)

This Technical soccer drill focuses on 3 different soccer skills, with dribbling between cones, turning and running with the ball all elements of this soccer practice.

  • Attacking Emphasis 90% 90%
  • Defending Emphasis 10% 10%

Age Group

Number of Players


Key Coaching Points: Speed and Technique

This practice develops dribbling, turning and running with the ball. Players must dribble to cones showing a change of pace.

Progression 1: Turns

Players must now select any 2 cones that they can run around and not just to, encouraging slightly different technique to turn.

Progression 2: Disguise

Encourage disguise from cone to cone, with stepovers, scissors and other turns players can conjure up shown in this progression.

Key Point: Competition

Once players are comfortable, add competition between groups, ensuring they maintain technique. 
Key Coaching Points
  • Technical | Close control when changing direction
  • Technical | Use of both feet to move in and away from cones
  • Physical | Speed after dribble to get away
  • Where do you need to slow down and speed up and what is your best technique for this?
  • Can you be creative in your disguise and how?
  • How confident are you in using your weaker foot, where is best for you to use both feet and how?


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