Ball Mastery | Passing (BM-05)

Ball Mastery Practice 5 develops short passing with both feet and encourages players to use different parts of each foot to improve their control. Identify player’s willingness to use their stronger and weaker foot, use constraints to develop individuals.

  • Attacking Emphasis 90% 90%
  • Defending Emphasis 10% 10%

Age Group

Number of Players


Key Coaching Points: Receive on the Move

Challenge them to take their first touch towards a cone before dribbling around it to make their return pass.

Progression 1

Once players begin to show improvements in their technique, allow movement between squares after 5 successful passes, improving their awareness of players around them.

Key Coaching Points

Technical | Short passing with both feet (Weight and accuracy)

Technical | Control to move ball from one side to the other (Inside / Outside)

Pysch | Confidence to improve technique steadily


What is important for your teammates receiving your pass?

What are the technical aspects of passing that you need to focus on?

How can you ensure rotation between grids is smooth and players move quickly?


Difficulty Rating


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