Ball Mastery | Dribbling (BM-08)

This practice is for younger players and focuses on their ability to dribble into specific zones, changing direction and speed as they progress. We can introduce various progressions to challenge players varying numbers, opposition, space and time.

  • Attacking Emphasis 80% 80%
  • Defending Emphasis 20% 20%

Age Group

Number of Players


Progression 1

We introduce 2 defending players with a ball ion their hand and they must tag as many players as they can in a given time period.

Progression 2

Players must now dribble through as many cone triangles as possible in the time given, whilst being challenged by the 2 defenders and having other players as obstacles.

Progression 3

Challenge dribbling players now to dribble through 3 different coloured cone triangles without getting tagged to double their score from 3 to 6. Rotate defending players, providing a score for each pair depending on how many players they have been able to tag. 

Key Coaching Points

Technical: Ball Control is crucial in tight spaces

Technical: Ability to change direction to avoid defenders

Physical: Balance to change direction, speed to get away


How can you avoid defending players better what are the triggers?

How can you change direction quicker in between cones?

When do you lose control of the ball and what can you do to prevent this?


Difficulty Rating


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