Ball Mastery | Dribbling (BM-07)

This Ball Mastery practice is focused on dribbling with players challenged to improve their technique within competition. With 2 players with a ball each on opposite facing cones, they must dribble around each of these at an angle and to run the ball through 2 poles. Pair players based on their age and ability and set competition, with the winner gaining a point for their team.

  • Attacking Emphasis 80% 80%
  • Defending Emphasis 20% 20%

Age Group

Number of Players


Progression 1

Progress the practice, by introducing 2 mini goals for individuals to score into, with every player scoring a point for a goal, with the fastest gaining a 2nd point.

Key Coaching Points

Technical | Ability to dribble around cones, changing direction

Physical | Balance is crucial at this age, especially with youngest players

Technical | Dribbling at pace with ball under control


How do specific players respond to competition?

Are players paired up correctly ensuring they are motivated?


Difficulty Rating

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