Ball Mastery | Control (BM-06)

This simple ball mastery practice, number 6 in the series, can be used as an activation exercise or to develop individual ball dribbling skills for younger players. In a 20 by 20 yard area, each player has a ball and must perform different dribbles, with different parts of the foot, using both feet.

  • Attacking Emphasis 85% 85%
  • Defending Emphasis 15% 15%

Age Group

Number of Players


Progression 1: Player reactions and speed

Progress the practice by adding flat discs or cones, which players must dribble to when the coach signals, observe the speed of player’s reactions.

Progression 2: Response to triggers

Progress further by calling a different number to trigger players into forming groups as quickly as possible.

Key Coaching Points

Technical | Ability to use both feet when dribbling

Technical | Close control with both parts of the feet

Physical | Agility to manoeuvre between players and cones

  • How can you ensure you do not clash into other players?
  • Can you use your weaker foot to perform 3 different dribbles?


Difficulty Rating

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