How to Support Attacks Effectively (05-P2)


Soccer Practice Organisation / Set Up

This soccer training session is focused on improving support play between players. We position 5 sets of 2 poles with a 3 yard gap between each on a pitch 40 by 40. Objective is for team in possession to combine with a teammate with a pass through a gate, focusing on speed of support, reactions to opposition screening and use of the switch to break defender’s pressure.

  • Attacking Emphasis 75% 75%
  • Defending Emphasis 34% 34%

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Key Coaching Point 1: – Losing Opposition Players

In this 5 v 5, the team wins a game if they can score through 2 poles in 3 touches, or if they keep possession so long that they get down to a single player as the last player standing.

The possession team will lose a player every time they play a succesful combination through the poles, balancing challenge after each goal scored.

Key Point 2: Use Full Space For Switch Of Play

It’s vital that players use this whole space to draw defenders away from possession and from protecting gates. This will provide an option for the passing team to switch play when they are under concerted pressure, but timing to switch is crucial. The team must have 1 player to support this switch of play allowing the pass to be played through the gate and not isolate individual teammates. 

Game Challenge: Player Drops Out After Goal

On scoring, the possession team will have a player drop out of the practice. This will create an overload for the defending team increasing the challenge for the team performing well. Have an individual activity for players who drop out and manage this as a coach effectively.

Game Success: Last Player Standing

To win the game without the quick 3 pass connection through 2 gates, the team must end with a single player. As less and less players are in the practice, you can close off half or a quarter of the pitch to ensure the overloaded defender has a better chance of winning the ball.

Key Coaching Points
  • Tactical | Transition (Dispersal v Immediate Support)
  • Technical | Angles and distances of support
  • Psychological | Recognition of switch to make quick passing opposite side

– How are your players using the space effectively?

– Do you need to make the pitch smaller as the play progresses?

– What are players doing that you do not want them to do and how would you address this as a coach?


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