How to Attack Centrally Through Rotation |01-P2

This possession practice is a 5 v 5 + GKs, with 2 of those being target players, who players will need to connect with, allowing them to come into play and be replaced by existing possession players during the build up. Below are some key coaching points and progressions that can be applied to different age groups.

  • Attacking Emphasis 75% 75%
  • Defending Emphasis 34% 34%

Age Group

Number of Players


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Defending teams will attempt to cover these players and so attacking team must work angles and spaces to combine in central areas. It’s crucial that players stay calm in their play and don’t force play, moving defenders away from the space they want to exploit.

Key Coaching Point 1: Playing Through Both Corners 

Movement to create and use space | Go & Show. 1-2 touch combinations – Players must combine with players in each corner before finishing, unless they can make 10 passes to attack goal. Defenders will now need to decide whether to press the ball, or protect corners resulting in them becoming disjointed.

Progression 1: Rotational Movement Between Zones

Rotational Movement for players in and out of zones to develop increased movement and interchanging of positions. This will encourage positivity for corner players knowing they can now be involved in play. Rotation must be quick however, with a 2-3 second maximum on transition. 

Progression 2: Teammate Rotation Off The Ball

We can now develop interchanging movement of players off the ball to enhance player awareness. The passer can no longer switch with the corner player, this must come from a teammate away from the ball. This also means it is more difficult for the possession team, with one less player for them to connect with during this transfer.

Progression 3: Opposite Side Rotations

The final progression in this practice for now, is a difficult one for younger players to adapt to and so progress with caution. When a combination and rotation is played with a corner player, another teammate must rotate with the player in the opposite corner. This is great to see those players who are switched on and recognise they must play away from the ball. This is super to develop player’s thought processes and encourage them not to keep chasing the ball, fantastic to see how quickly some players adapt to this session.  

Key Coaching Points

– Passing quality
– Change in speed to Penetrate
– First touch to break out of areas
– Game intelligence to use space wisely


– How quickly are players picking up the practice?
– What are the issues you are facing as an attacking team?
– Are you able to take your first touch out of the square? How and Why?
– How can this transfer to the game?


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