Take the Lead with a Soccer Coaching Platform Designed for Coaches, by Coaches


Whether you’re a Level 1 Soccer Coach delivering at Grassroots, or a Pro Licence Coach working at the highest level, Toughtight’s unique soccer coaching platform has everything you need to take your coaching to the next level.

The gulf in the availability of soccer software for coaches across professional and grassroots soccer is huge. Here at Touchtight, we bridge that gap by offering the best soccer coaching software no matter what coaching qualification you possess.

There’s no one-size-fits-all for a coaching platform. That’s why we offer different coaching packages that give you access to over 500 animated coaching videos or the software to design and tailor your own soccer coaching videos. You can now get access to all of our platforms with our Coach Bundle.

Create your own coaching video animations
  • Unleash your creative soccer coaching ideas into video
  • Create Your Own Soccer Coaching Animations
  • Access on Windows, Mac and iPad
  • Your Own Private and Public Playbook Area
  • Download and Share Your Videos with Players and Coaches
  • Watch Other Shared User Content
Access all video content and Apps
  • Learn the finer details of the game and apply them to your coaching
  • Access all 500+ Animated Coaching Videos
  • Access all Content on IOS and Android Mobile Apps
  • Create Your Own Sessions Using Our Session Planner Tool
  • Tactical Solutions to See What the Best Do
Engine Room & The Coach Platform
  • Complete Access to the Engine Room, Coach Platform and Session Planner
  • 1 Year full access to all Engine Room features
  • 1 Year full access to all Coach Platform features
  • 1 Year full access to the Session Planner Tool
  • Save £15 a year with this Combined Coach Bundle Package
Lifelong commitment to coaching
£495Single Payment
  • Get complete Lifetime access to Engine Room and Session Planner
  • Unlimited Access to The Engine Room and Session Planner for Life
  • Complete Access to The Coach Platform for 1 Year
  • 10 Year Guarantee, or pro rata money back!
  • Save Over £500 With a 10 Year Membership Term

Not Sure What the Best Soccer Coaching Software Is for You?

If you don’t know which soccer coaching platform to go for, get in touch with us. We can discuss tactics and find out exactly what works for you and your team.

We’re here to help coaches get the most out of our coaching software, so if you’ve got any questions, feel free to shoot us an email or message us.

Check out the testimonials and reviews below from coaches at all levels who have used Touchtight’s coaching platform.

10k+ Satisfied Customers

"I've been coaching professionally for 20 years and have yet to find such a comprehensive coaching resource."

Adam Baumgardner

"Really great stuff you guys are doing and will continue to share."

Matthew Gibbs

"Love your app and all of the sessions. No doubt it's going to help me tremendously"

Brett Fink

"You guys are freaking impressive. I am big fan let me tell you that!"

Tawin Kim

"For me this is the best animation software out there right now."


"I'm sure this platform is a motivation and inspiration for many coaches out there."


"As a visual learner this is perfect for me. I believe this will help massively in my coach education. Keep up the fantastic work."

Illy Kane

"Just signed up to the annual subscripton and am very impressed. Congratulations on a vey professional product."


"Your stuff is fantastic. I often reference it to my students. Thanks so much, keep up with the content."

Josh Bradshaw


Frequently Asked Questions

See answers below to some of the most common questions asked by our users

What is the Coach Platform?

The Coach Platform is our new animation software that allows coaches to create their own sessions, match preparation and analysis. You can access the demo at and get a feel for becoming your own designer.

Can I still access the original Touchtight site?

As an original member at, you can still access your login by clicking the ‘Sign Up’ button and then at the bottom of the popup you will see a ‘Legacy Touchtight User’ Login, click here to proceed. If you are Level 4 or 5 touchtight member, you will have full access to, which is our web and mobile app where all of our latest coaching content is added. If you do not have your login for this, please contact us here using the chat, or email us at

Can I download videos here?

Our free videos here are not downloadable, but you can request to download videos at our premium site You can also create your own videos at where you can download and share as you wish with fellow coaches and players. 

What do I get for the Lifetime Membership?

In a few words, ‘Everything for Life’.. well at least the Lifetime of the software and anybody that knows us well will tell you ‘we ain’t going nowhere’!  We have added a pro rata refund for Lifetime members over 5 years, so if anything were to happen within this period of service, we would refund the remainder. For example, you pay £495, site goes down after 3 years (it won’t!), we would then refund you close to £200 it’s that simple. 

Do you offer Club Memberships?

This has become a more popular request recently and the answer is Yes! You can contact us at and we can discuss the packages that are available for your club.

Do you have any discount codes available?

We do occasionally have discount codes available for different packages and will notify you of these by email. These may also be shown here on the site when they are released, so you don’t miss out on these.  

How can I cancel my membership?

On The Coach Platform and The Engine Room you can cancel your membership right there. If you are a legacy touchtight user, you can cancel your membership by using the chat feature here and we will process this cancellation for you.  

How do I get access to both platforms?

You can get access to The Coach Platform and The Engine Room, with our ‘Coach Bundle’. You can purchase this at for £99 a year. This saves you £15 across each platform and allows you to watch all videos, download plans and create, download and share your own video content. On sign up you can access all videos immediately and we will manually set you up at ‘The Coach Platform’ within 24 hours. Make sure to add and to your contacts so any emails do not fall into spam.

How often is new content published on the site?

Our aim is to create a new premium video every single day. There may be times when we have to focus our attention on development and testing, but this is our target. We will be looking to add at least one new piece of free content each week to the course library here at as well.

What is the Engine Room?

The Engine Room is our Premium video base where we have over 500 animated coaching sessions, which is growing each week. You can access this by heading over to and use the filters to find coaching videos and session plans that are specific for your groups.

What do I get access to as a Free User?

We are publishing an initial catalogue of 30 videos that you can access here for free. This includes detailed explanation of key coaching points, progressions and coach and player questions that can be printed off for later use. We also adding an extra layer of audio support for each session to go into more detail on how you can take this forward further with your groups.

Where can I watch all Touchtight videos?

You can see all of the videos at as a Premium Member. 

Is the original 'Creator' Session Planner still available ?

Yes! If you an original Session Planner, or Touchtight Level 4 or Engine Room member, you still have access to ’10 – The Creator’. This allows you to build your own sessions and export as PDF’s plans easily. We will be gradually adding this session planner functionality into our animated software, so stay tuned for developments here.   

Do you still offer a Monthly Membership?

Yes we do offer a monthly membership, alongside a 3 and 6 month term at The Coach Platform has an annual or lifetime term only. 

Can I download the mobile app on IOS?

Yes! The Touchtight Coaching App is available on both IOS and Android for mobile and tablet. All app users will have complete access to the web version at and vice versa.

Can I pay for the Lifetime Membership on a payment plan?

We do offer payment plans for our Lifetime Membership,  you will however need to contact us at to discuss your requirements and possible terms.  

Do you have a single sign on for all platforms?

Right now, we do not unfortunately. Our developers are working closely to integrate everything into a single platform via API, but for now you will need to use a separate username and password for each. if you don’t want to use the same login details across each site LastPass is a great solution, saving you time searching for usernames and passwords.. nothing worse! 

What are your plans for the future and how can I be part of this project?

The future is bright! Coach education is being transformed and we realise football associations are looking for different ways to engage and motivate coaches. We feel we are ahead here and able to disrupt the norm by providing the opportunity for coaches to find any session they need and now create your own. We are very receptive and as a member you will know, that if there is a new feature coaches have asked for, it is on our list of things to do. Feel free to send your ideas into and we will get back to you as quick as we can.  

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