Counter Attacking - Skill (1002-P3)

Football Practices Series:

Between 20x20 and 30x30 square depending on age group. 4 v 4 or more (Coach choice and numbers) with a Goalkeeper on the outside for player to play into. Players must move into area to then play GK hands or feet, or vice versa play GK and then move into area for GK to play into to maintain possession. 
Duration: 25 minutes      Skill: Counter Support      Age Group: 11+
couple of football cones   12 CONES         football game     5-10 BALLS             football player running behind the ball 1    16           football strategic sketch     MEDIUM            icon  30 X 30 YARDS
Player Focus:
Passing Weight/Direction - Timing of Movement - Support Play - Rotation





Touchtight Soccer Drill Key Points: 

Key Coaching Questions:
  • How quickly can you escape possession press?
  • How can you hold ball up effetcively for support?
  • What movement is best to create and exploit space in 2 v 1 overload?
  • Magic Pass and Clinical Finishing in the box?


Technical Detail:
  • Speed and angle of support
  • Initial touch out of square and pass with intent to attack quickly
  • Decision to lay off or turn for striker, depending on defenders skills and decision making
  • Non verbal and verbal cues to break space and create clear opportunities
  • Finishing technique, being clinical in and around the box