Initiate Attack in Midfield Area - Opposed (1048-P1)

Football Practice Set Up

40x40 Square Area, 4 mini goals positioned outside the space in each corner. Players set up as 4 v 4 plus 2 Floaters, creating 6 v 4 in favor of attacking team. Objective is for the team to score in any of the mini goals (initially) with a 1 touch finish.

Player Focus

Quality of passing (Weight & Accuracy) - Timing of runs off the ball - Reaction to losing possession


P1: Directional Practice

Each team attacks and defends a goal, become protective and may slow down attacking



P2: Outside Floaters

Possession becomes easier in own half, defenders defend more centrally


P3: Switching Play

Ball must be switched between halves, floaters back in play; measure compactness

Touchtight Football Coaching Tips

Possession Breakout offers players the opportunity to score many goals, through effective passing and timing of runs. as a coach can you identify if practice is too easy or difficult for both teams and alter the practice accordingly?
S - By splitting the pitch in half, players have to consider moving the defense around to create space in wide areas, how do the defence react?
T - On regaining possession, 2 goals given for a goal in 5 seconds. Forcing quicker reactions to winning and losing the ball (sharper runs)
E - Could move goals to the edges of the pitch (centrally). More game realistic and encouraging compactness to make runs in behind more difficult
P - Overload team to work particular players. i.e. Could work back 4 against a group of 5/6 or attacking 4 against a solid 5 working on forward runs
Advanced - Coaches can be creative with this practice and use this to move into a more game realistic phase of play. Here we have worked with lower numbers, but there is scope to build in formations and make this specific for your team and player's needs.