Counter Attacking - SSG (1002-P6)

Blue button This Small Sided Game is played in a 30 x 30 Yard area, with a goal and GK at each end and 4 v 4 in pitch area. Objective is for players to develop quick counter attacks through effective defending and then make full use of overloads and spaces created.
Blue button Could encourage immediate counter through start position, or allow to free flow and focus on coaching to press high and opposition to keep possession.


Player Focus

Blue button Methods to Regain - Speed of Counter - Type of Counter - Clinical Finishing


Level 2 Small Sided Game 12C1


Touchtight Soccer Practice Tips

As a coach, we encourage and manipulate counter attacks for the group we are coaching in many ways. Here are a few:
Blue button Condition Whites to regain possession in 6 seconds or a goal is conceded (High Pressure conditions) 
Blue button If Whites score they must defend their goal for a minute or their previous goal gets wiped off (encourages defending deep and quick counter)
Blue button Reds to make 10-15 passes to score a goal before attacking for a second goal (increasing chances of regaining possession).