Initiate Attack From Midfield Third | Opposed Skill (48-P2)

48 P1
Set Up
This 4 v 2 possession practice is played in an area 30 x 20 and has 2 halves with a target player either end. We develop player's ability to play forward passes into target players and support attacking play with effective movement. Our football coach focus is on identifying where players need to be patient and creative in possession.
Duration | 25 minutes
Age Group | 11+
Players | 14+
Player Focus
Passing Weight/Direction | Vision Playing Forward | Support Play | Rotation | Creativity
Touchtight Coaching Tips
This can be used to focus on the final pass to create opportunities, or for the team to break the line in the middle and attacking thirds. By developing confidence in forward passes, individual players and units become more creative and work out when to advance and when to retain possession to move opposition around.
SPACE: Interventions regarding space, can focus on width and depth to create space for self and others, playing on the half turn if possible
TIME: Could condition both groups to play through within 6 seconds for example, or set 2 minutes to see how many transfers teams can make.
EQUIPMENT: Could introduce mini goals for support players to score from target player. 1 or 2 balls depending on quality of the group.
PLAYER: Could vary overloads depending on numbers in the group, 1.e. 5 v 3 or could even have 1 floater within each area in addition to the end target players.