Defend Against The Counter | Opposed (37-P1) 




Set Up
202 yard area for younger age groups, increasing in size with age increase no bigger than 302. 4 attackers to keep possession on outside of square with 2 Floaters either end and 2 central, with 4 defenders central trying to regain possession. 
When possession regained Greens move to outside, Blues become central defending players.
Player Focus
Passing | Movement To Receive | Body Shape | Defensive Compactness | Press Decision
Duration | 25 minutes
Age Group | 11+
Players | 11+


Key Coaching Point 1 | 4 In - 4 Out
Blues gain possession, now become oustide players, Greens defend centrally.




Key Coaching Point 2 | Step Inside
1 player can step inside off the line, encouraging outside floater to find angles.



Key Coaching Point 3 | Rotation
Central Floater can rotate with outside floater to encourage fluid movement.
Touchtight Coaching Tips
Players love this possession practice, yet must be disciplined to ensure practice runs smoothly. Once possession lost, there is no immediate regain, players must get to the inside and regain team must move to outside before possession contested.
SPACE: Ensure practice area is appropriate for age group. May need to add 5 yard outside zone for younger players.
TIME: Players have 2 seconds in transition to get inside and outside, change groups every 2-3 minutes, go through groups twice.
EQUIPMENT: Need to have supply of balls with transition regular. 2/3 sets of bibs (4) and flat discs to ensure minimum disruption to session.
PLAYER: May want to designate Floater players as those identified as needing to improve in possession. Be creative with numbers 5 v 5 + 2 Floaters.