Shooting From Range | Technical (23-P1)

50 x 30 Yard area with cones set up as shown with a ball on each cone. Each area will have a goal and Goalkeeper for players to shoot and players will be split into 2 groups to start.  Idea is for one player from each group to run to each cone take their shot and sprint back around base cone / manequin before shooting next ball and so on.

Duration: 25 minutes    Skill: Passing & Control     Age Group: 11+

Couple Of Football Cones  10+ DISCS       Football Game  10+ BALLS     Football Player Running Behind The Ball 1  8+ PLAYERS     Football Strategic Sketch  EASY      Icon  50 x 30 Yards


Player Focus

Finishing Technique - Speed On The Turn - Endurance - Composure



P1: Shoot & Switch

Players must now keep up with player in opposite group, as must switch to finish after every shot

P2: Alternate crosses

Players must alternate between finishing and playing wide to cross and finish


P3: Floater Decisions

Outside players can now change their movement, so  finisher must make decision where to play pass to finish

Touchtight Soccer Practice Tips

Maintain speed here as well as finishing technique, as this will develop anaerobic capacity with shuttle runs in between stations. Ball collection important, maybe player rotation or coach positioned behind, depending on player’s ability.


Key Coaching Questions (1 & 2):
  • 1. Finishing technique, focusing on contact, body shape and approach  (3 mins)
  • 2. Movement to get away from cone, slow return and then sprint to approach ball, steady and then finish (6 mins)
Progression 1: (6 minutes)
  • 1. Competitive element between groups. Points for finishing, on target and completing course combined. 
Key Coaching Questions (3 & 4):
  • 3. Is quality of movement and finishing maintained? How and why? (9 mins)
  • 4. How does your weaker foot differ to stronger and how can you improve technique? (12 mins)
Progression 2: (12 minutes)
  • 2. Switch areas after finish, to work change of direction and pace
Key Coaching Questions (5 & 6):
  • 5. With switch to other area, how is your movement affected? (15 mins)
  • 6. How can you improve your acceleration away from central cone? (18 mins)
Progression 3: (18 minutes)
  • 3. Use floaters to combine for crosses or finish individually, player's choice with alternation between crossing and finishing. 
Summarised Points:
  • * How do you feel about your finishing and how can you develop your technique over the next few weeks?
  • ** Can you improve your agility and movement to lose players? Can you relate this to an actual game.