Improve Passing and Support Play | (43-P1)

Here players are set up in 2 seperate grids 15 x 15 yards, in a 2 v 2 possession with 4 floaters on the outside. Players must simply keep possession through combining with outside players who being on 1 touch.

37 2 v 2 Plus Floaters


Player Focus

Creating Space - Touch - Body Shape - Awareness - Double movement



Outside players can now rotate with teammate on inside after every 3 passes centrally becomes 4 v 4 directional



On rotation player who moves to outside can switch with outside player in opposite grid. (Communication & awareness)




If pass played to outside player, can switch play with opposite group who must be aware (checking shoulders)

Touchtight Tips

For pre-season this practice can be extended to ensure central players are working hard in the initial phases. 2 v 2’s can be demanding, especially when players are limited with options outside.
S - SPACE: Players must check shoulders consistently to recognise space in which to play
T - TIME: Players to communicate time players have available and coach can set time limits for each practice, with elements of competition between pairs
E - EQUIPMENT: 2 areas, allows numbers to be catered for and progressions can be creative as shown, if more players could add another square with less floaters
P - PLAYERS: Possible use of a floater in central area to maintain flow of possession, possibly extending area in which players can play