Develop Switch Of Play | Opposed (50-P1)

34 Transition Switch
Set Up
Outside area is a 302 yard area, with a smaller 202 yard central area. Practice starts with a 5 v 3 possession practice, with 4 players on the outside. If 3 inside players win possession, it becomes a 7 v 5 using the whole area.
Additional players in are floaters for later progressions not for the starting point.
Duration | 25 minutes
Age Group | 12+
Players | 10+
Player Focus
Transition Reaction | Passing | Movement | Decision Making | Space Creation
34 Transition Switch B
Progression 1 | 10 Pass Changeover
If possession team make 10 passes, they can use floaters to create 7 v 5 of their own using whole area.


34 Transition Switch C
Progression 2 | 5 Pass To Finish
If possession team makes 5 passes, they can use floaters to combine to finish on goals shown.


34 Transition Switch D

Progression 3 | Dribble tO Finish
Players can now run out of square to score when 5 passes made. Same rules apply on transition.

Touchtight Coaching Tips
Players enjoy this continuous flow of practice with variations in being outnumbered, and having the advantage in numbers. Coaches may have varying numbers and so you will need to determine the level of difficulty. If you want to work defenders more and numbers available, may set up as 4 v 2 central, with 4 on outside; work it well with the numbers you have.
S - SPACE: Alter the outside space to make larger or smaller depending on numbers. Could also condition possession to be split into half centrally to encourage spreading play
T - TIME: Could work 4-5 minutes for each team in overload centrally and keep scores of how many times possession gained and regained
E - EQUIPMENT: With the introduction of goals, we can condition this in many ways; 1 or 2 touch finish, or must go out to come back in to middle area to finish.
P - PLAYERS: Work out your numbers and always work the advantage in the middle and outside equally. This is with 12 players, so we can always add players to work different areas.