MF Combination Play | Opposed (36-P5)

In a 20 x 20 Square area, split into 4 quarters as shown (10 x 10s). 4 v 4 with 2 floaters, each team must have 1 player in each box at all times to start in a 1 v 1 and floaters can combine anywhere in the area. Idea is for CMs to be able to combine effectively to maintain possession around the grid with fluid movement between all players.
Duration: 30 minutes     Skill: Combination Play     Age Group: 11+ 


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Player Focus

Teammate Understanding - Passing Quality - Fluid Movement - Space Recognition


P1: Rotate After Pass

Passer can switch with a teammate in another square to encourage movement off the ball


P2: CM Combination 1 Touch

Floating CM players must combine in 1 touch to develop awareness of each other's positioning



P3: Combine To Finish

CMs must combine for possession team to finish, constant ball rotation to maintain practice tempo

Touchtight Soccer Practice Tips (Key Coaching Points)

This is a fantastic practice that allows coaches to develop many aspects of individuals. Primarily as an exercise to work CM understanding, we must concentrate on movement patterns and their recognition of each other's space to maintain possession through fluid transfer of the ball using the whole area.

Key Coaching Questions (1 & 2):
  • 1. How can floaters combine effecttively to move possession quickly between squares - (on 4 minutes)
  • 2. Think about your movement in 1 v 1s and then in 2 v 1 overloads to keep possession and reduce pressure. (on 8 minutes)
Progression 1: (8 minutes)
  • 1. Rotation after pass between possession players in different squares
Key Coaching Questions (3 & 4):
  • 3. How does rotation influence defenders and how can attackers use this to their advantage? - (on 12 minutes)
  • 4. With increased movement, how does communication become more important? (on 16 minutes)
Progression 2: (16 minutes)
  • 2. CM Floating players 1 touch combination is a condition any time they recieve pass from single player
Key Coaching Questions (5 & 6):
  • 5. How can you create effective angles as a pair to ensure you can play 1 touch (on 24 minutes)
  • 6. How does influence the 1 v 1s in each square? Think about having to play under pressure. (on 28 minutes)
Progression 3: (24 minutes)
  • 3. Team can now finish after midfield combination, floaters can not score.