Exploit Midfield With Forward Runs | Technical (47-P1)


27 3rd Man Runs A


Set Up
This practice is set up in an area 30 yards long x 20 wide, with at least two players positioned on each corner and two players in an 82 yards area, each facing the opposite direction, as shown. One player begins with the ball in a corner and plays directly across to width, who then plays into central player.
These 2 players will then crossover, with the first passer receiving the ball off the setter to play through to the opposite corner. Both players will follow through to the opposite corner. This same pattern will take place on the opposite side once players are comfortable with the pattern.
Duration | 25 minutes
Age Group | 14+
Players | 10+
Player Focus
Passing Quality | Movement | Touch | Understanding | Focus | Communication
27 3rd Man Runs B
Progression 1 | Work Both Ways
Now we can use 2 balls to keep the rotation flowing and central players can switch each passing move.
27 3rd Man Runs C
Progression 2 | Work Both Ways
Player passing through to opposite corner, also receives ball again, to play ball around the corner to next station.

27 3rd Man Runs D


Progression 3 | Set & Spin
Central player now combines twice, with basic set and then spinning to play 1-2 in opposite corner.