Support In Front / Behind Ball | Opposed (51-P1)

Football Practice Set Up

Here our area for players to work in is 10 x 10 Yards. We have 3 players v 1 and objective is to keep possession initially for as long as possible, if DF wins possession change defending player as a first condition.


22 3 V 1 A


Player Focus

Movement - Passing - Body Shape - Rotation


22 3 V 1 B


Football Practice Progression 1: Using Outside Edges

Players must use the outside of the area effectively, switching after each pass
22 3 V 1 C


Football Practice Progression 2: Using Outside Edges

Players must now rotate when possible, normally after being pressed

Touchtight Coaching Tips

Observe players closely and identify, which players are able to develop practice through intelligent movement and accurate short passing. Defender must also work hatrd to regain possession, with possible challenges being to regain as many times in a minute or have different squares as a league with players moving up or down depending on performance. 
So how can we develop this practice?