Football Practice: Improve Final Third Combinations - Skill (1007-P2)

In this Opposed Skill Practice, we aim to develop Final Third Combinations to create and exploit space in these areas to create chances. 


2 Directional Practice - 30 x 25 Yard area split into 2 halves as shown. 10 Players consisting of 2 groups of 3 v 1 together with a floating player on each side of the practice. Objective is for players to make 5 passes before combining with floater who will play through to single attacker who must lose marker to finish in 1 of 2 mini goals on the outside.


Touches: All in central areas, Floaters either side 2 touch
Zones: 2 half zones with 4 mini goals to finish into
Pitch size: 30 x 25 Yard area 


Key Coaching Points:
  • Ability to lose markers in tight area
  • Go & Show movement to lose players
Progression 1:
  • Floater can join in central area to create 2 v 3 underload
Key Coaching Questions:
  • Communication with passing and support players
  • Ability to finish chances
  • Progression 3:
    • Allowing different combinations to be created from different angles
    • Additional Support:
      • Focus on initial passing quality and movement off the ball to keep possession before transferring. Angles and distances of floating player and single player to finish is crucial with underload. Movement to lose opposition and player-to-player understanding is important to finish. Quick Finishing technique with individuals.