GK Dealing With Crosses | Technical (34-P1)

8 players (incl. GK) arranged 2 Attackers, 2 Defenders, plus 3 Servers (right & left foot mix if possible). Quarter pitch incorporating full width & penalty area with appropriate size goal, as illustrated. Discs to mark-off far post area, supply of balls by S’s. Main priority is to defend goal and collect crosses effectively.
Practice starts with: GK takes-up realistic start position in goal & S’s cross balls in rotation to near & far post areas. S’s provide a variety of in-swinging & out-swinging crosses. Assess flight of ball & make decision to collect or allow D’s to deal with it.  

Duration: 25 minutes          Skill: GK Handling         Age Group: 11+

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Touchtight Soccer Drill Key Points: 

Key Coaching Questions:
  • How can you read the flight of the ball for crosses early?
  • How quickly can you adjust your feet to the flight of the ball? 
  • How can you be confident when you come to collect crosses, especially when attackers and defenders introduced?
  • Focus on speed of distribution when collecting?


Technical Detail:
  • Confidence on collecting crosses and in getting above players
  • Early reading of crosses through quick thinking adjusting to the flight of the ball
  • Awareness of coach or receiver when distributing ball
  • Communicate effectively with teammates, breeding confidence in defenders as well
  • Prepare quickly for next delivery and refocus on previous steps