Goalkeeper Handling | Tech (26-P1)



Set Up
Area 202 yards, as illustrated.
GK moves over or through markers to small goal (6yd wide). Server pays ball at varying heights & speed from foot or hand using varying techniques for GK to collect, including: Volley, Half-volley, Ball bouncing in front of GK. Along ground.
Duration | 20 minutes
Age Group | 5+
Players | 1
Key Coaching Questions
  • How quick can you move your feet?
  • Focus on your reactions to feint movement? 
  • Can you keep hold of the ball - set targets e.g. 8 out of 10?
  • How quickly can you get on your feet to distribute quickly?
Technical Detail
  • Quick feet through cones on approach.
  • Eyes on the ball and quick reactions to movement.
  • Agility to react to delivery.
  • Keep hold of the ball where possible.
  • Reactions to distribute after save accurately.