Creating Space - 6 v 2 MF Third (1015-P3)

Football Practice Series:

This 6 v 2 football practice is great for developing player awareness, passing quality and ability to create more efficient angles to maintain possession in small areas. 
Duration: 25 minutes      Skill: Passing & Support      Age Group: 11+
couple of football cones   4 CONES         football game     1 BALL             football player running behind the ball 1    8 PLAYERS           football strategic sketch     MEDIUM             icon  15 X 15 YARDS


Splitting Players Centrally


Dealing with Forced Direction



Key Coaching Questions:
  • How can you create better angles?
  • How does 1 touch condition influence your passing? 
  • How are defenders responding to the practice?
  • How could we change this session - conditions?


Technical Detail:
  • Body shape to play quickly
  • Careful passing to teammates to develop passing play
  • Lateral Movement
  • Awareness of teammates - look away from the ball
  • Positive First Touch