Playing Out From The Back | Tech (35-P1)


32 TD Combination Play A

Set Up
40 x 30 long, Single team passing drill consisting of 2 CBs, 2CMs and 3 attacking players. No goal areas, set up as shown below, with 30 x 10 area for players to drop in to combine. CB will play ball for other CB to step in to play forward into STs to combine before linking to rebuild through CMs to CBs to recycle as shown.
Player Focus
Combination Play | Develop Understanding Of Player Movement | Timing Of Runs | Passing Quality
Duration | 20 minutes
Age Group | 14+
Players | 7+

32 TD Combination Play 2

Progression 1 | ST-WM Combination
CB play long ball into ST, for WM to take inside and short to build with opposite WM.


32 TD Combination Play 3

Progression 2 | Combine To Score
Introduce 2 mini goals for players to build through to score after CM set and through ball.

32 TD Combination Play 4


Progression 3 | DFs Semi-Pressure
3 Passive DFs added to ensure passing and movement quality is high to a finish.
Touchtight Coaching Tips
With Technical Passing practices it is important to provide elements of autonomy and so the patterns shown are examples that could be used. Allow players to be inventive and come with their own patterns when entering free play with Defenders.
S - Could change the space of the shaded area for attacking players to drop into, making it easier or more difficult to combine
T - Set a time for passes to be recycled back to the start encouraging quick passing. Quality may decrease when quickened so be mindful of how to maintain quality (pressure?)
E - Include areas for passes to be played in to finish, to develop timing of final passes and runs into dangerous areas
P - Overload play with additional defenders maybe 2 DFs in final area creating a 3 v 2, possibly include a GK for finishing in normal goals.