Counter Attacking - Skill (1002-P1) 

Opposed Skill Practice Set Up

This Skill practice contains 16 players with a 7 v 7 including GKs and 2 additional floating players. A 4 v 4 exists in a central area of 25x30 Yards with 2 floating players to support, in addition to an attacker and defender for both teams outside of the area. Objective is to break quickly in gaining possession to create initial 2 v 1 overload in final third to finish.

Player Focus

Speed of Transition - Forward Passing - Movement off the ball  
Counter attack 1

Set Up

Initial objective is for one team to keep possession in area for 5-6 passes, before looking to play into or behind (a marked) A who starts centrally, approx. 20yds from goal. 1 player can break from central area to quickly support (creating 2v1) to achieve strike on goal. If D wins possession: supplies team in central area to counter-attack their opponents goal.  
Counter attack 2 

Key Coaching Points: Timing of Movement/Pass

Assess movement of A & position of D to select best passing option. Execution & nature of forward passing, with emphasis on accuracy, weight & whether aerial or along ground. Remaining on-side. Finishing skills & composure in front of goal involving A & MF’s. Precise control to enable MF’s to play with head up & assess opportunity to play into A with quality & accuracy.  
Counter attack 3

Progressions: 3 v 2s or 4 v 3s

Opposite side floating player joins-in to make 3v1 attacking situation. A’s send 2 players forward & D’s send 1 back (to create a 3v2). Execution of link-up play & actions after releasing ball to support player. Intelligent movement of A to create space to receive.