Football Practice Set Up

40x40 Square playing area, with 4 mini goals in each corner. 2 teams set up as attack (Blue) v defence (Red), with central area for possession to be played through (30x30). Objective is to work the 4 reds defensively in a diamond against a Blue overload with 3 central and 2 wide players, creating a 5 v 4. Both teams able to score 1 touch in directional practice. 

Force direction


Player Focus

Shape Understanding - Defensive Shape - Compactness - Slide Across - Communication

P1: Sliding Across

If Blues have ball in wide area, all Reds must be on that side of the pitch - Defensive Shape


P2: Add ST to Defend Against

Diamond Reds must now ensure they stop ball into ST, forcing play across and backwards - Compactness


P3: Opposition Rotation

All Blues can now rotate inside and outside, creating numerical advantage for Reds to deal with


Touchtight's Soccer Tips

As a defensive practice in the main, we must ensure the attacking quality is at the level it needs to be in order to work the defenders. Focus on shape to begin with and ensure both teams are applying standard attacking and defensive principles before developing additional points.
S - Focus on space between players, ensuring gaps are at a minimum in central areas, develop players ability to slide and press quickly in relation to the movement of the ball
T - Set time objectives to remain compact and not allow them a shot on goal in 15 seconds for example. Could develop counter if need be (score in 6 seconds)
E - Ensure balls provided quickly to maintain tempo of practice. Balls in goals so when they score they have 3 seconds to start from own end, if they don't goal get's chalked off. TEMPO
P - Develop individual ability by focusing on 2 or 3 players throughout. Pre-plan defenders to develop, maybe midfield 4 diamond pressure or 2 CBs organising in front and set individual objectives
Advanced - We can clearly focus on many aspects of this Attack v Defence game, with an ability to also develop transition for defending team, yet try to focus on a specific aspect, i.e. Diamond movement out of possession. It becomes easy to sway off topic, so try to stay focused, whilst maintaining challenge from opposition doing the right things to test players.
Nice Shape work.. Any other formation SSGs?

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