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Creating Space | Individual / Skill / Opposed (15-S2)

 Football Practice 1: Individual

This Individual practice is focused on developing movement to receive in a 25 x 25 area, with coach working one to one with a player. Here we must focus on movement to and away from the pass, developing touch to finish in mini goals as show.

Player Focus

Movement - Change Of Pace - 1st Touch - Finish (Pass quality)

Level 1 Individual 1 A

Set Up:

We can begin practice with a number of balls. Player must initiate movement away form central cone for coach to play pass and play to finish first time if possible. Player then jogs back to central area to repeat; work 10 balls if possible. 

 Football Practice 2: (4 v 2 Play Through)

This 4 v 2 practice possession practice is played in an area 30 x 20 and has 2 halves with a target player either end. We develop player's ability to play forward passes into target players and support attacking play with effective movement. Our football coach focus is on identifying where players need to be patient and creative in possession.

Player Focus

Passing Weight/Direction - Vision Playing Forward - Support Play - Rotation - Creativity
4 V 2 Play Through A

Football Practice 3: (6 v 3 Possession)

This 6 v 3 Possession practice is played in an area 25 x 25 Yards, with the focus on the 6 players in possession creating effective supporting angles and movement to keep the ball against 3 defenders. If defenders win possession can they make 5 passes before any turnover. Rotate defensive players throughout practice.

Player Focus

Passing Weight/Direction - Vision Playing Forward - Support Play - Rotation - Creativity

6 V 3 A

Set Up:

This practice requires individuals to make the area as big as possible, checking shoulders for space, recognising when to play short to draw defenders in and when to play a longer pass to break pressing lines. Can team make 10 passes to score? Each time defending team wins possession they score.  



Article Description This 3 Part Session focuses on developing individual technique and skill of players in creating space.

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