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Solving The Real Problems Players and Coaches Face


Touchtight Coaching Was Designed to Solve the Most Common Challenges (Excuses) that the Coaching Community of Over 15,000 People from 123 Countries Are Currently Dealing With.

Any of these sound familiar?

·       “With all of the interests I have, is coaching or playing the right one to pursue?”

·       “Will doing work I love still be able to support me and my family?”

·       “Can I develop an expertise that people will actually pay me for.”

·       “Am I too old to get started?"

·       “It will take me years to learn about the detail needed at the highest level.”

·       “The burden of expectations from family and society is simply unbearable.”

·       “No time! Too many priorities. Kids, family, work - it’s endless.”


If this sounds familiar, don't worry – you're not alone. Our community's sole purpose is to help you get from where you are now, to doing work that actually excites you (without having to sell out or become a starving football enthusiast).

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Packaging all content in one easy to view place

Time To Make That Coaching Transition.


The fun thing about offering you a system or methodology that has been around for years (and tweaked and developed each year), is that we’ve had well over 10,000 players and coaches who have used our services over 2 years and continue to develop expertise in the game. 


Level 1 - Starter

Level 1

From Our Level 1 material contains many variations of Technical and Skill practices that can be used by coaches at every level. Simple to follow isolated, technical based sessions to more complex, position specific practices we attempt to cover most bases here.

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Tech, Skill, SSG, Functions,11 v 11s and much more



 Animated content for every element of the site

The biggest risk is doing nothing. Do something. 

Try our step-by-step Tactical Discovery, Q&A and Player Specific Methodology and join our global community helping each other do the work they’re meant to do.


Level 2 - Developing



Our Level 2 content is aimed specifically at developing specific units in the game. For example to develop Playing out from the back, we may use a back 3 plus a target player to develop this Phase. Almost all practices and sessions are focused around 4 or 5 players and are categorised by Tech, Skill and SSGs.


Video Analysis of the best teams in the world


What are the world's best doing and why?

Stop doing what everyone says you’re “supposed” to do. Do something that actually matters - to YOU


Level 3 - Aspiring


Level 3

Level 3 sessions are tailored for the Youth Development Phase and above, with an emphasis on position specific and combined unit practices in Patterns of Play, Waves, Functions, Phase of Play and 8 v 8 SSGs. Our Principles of Play become integral, with coaches able to apply game principles to game situations.


Connect Coaches & Players In Your Clubs


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Here’s the real question…

When you're 80 years old, will you regret not taking the road less traveled and seeing what could have been possible?


Level 4 - Advanced



Level 4 content combines units and progresses practices through to 11 v 11, as the A Licence and higher football qualifications are focused. With Lead, Advanced Lead and 11 v 11 Progressive sessions, you can develop specific game priniciples with ease.


Tailored Programmes for players from U6s to adult


Keep up to date with coaching developments

Making That 'Lifetime Commitment' To Improve.


Level 5 - Elite



The Level 5 Elite subscription provides a lifetime subscription to our platform which is limited. With our Session Planner, Coaching Themes and Team and Club Features to be released very soon, those who have caught us early will reap the benefits over years.