How to Attack Centrally | Coaching Theme 1

Theme 1 How to Attack in Central Areas is a Soccer Coaching Theme is our first in the series. It contains 3 simple sessions that can get players thinking about how to combine effectively in possession. 

Practice 1 : How to combine through central players

Between a 20 and 30 yard area depending on age group coached, we play a 3 v 3 plus targets changing to a 4 v 4 with a goal and GK at each end

5 minute read

Practice 2 : How to switch play to create space centrally

 Defending teams will attempt to cover these players and so attacking team must work angles and spaces to combine in central area…

5 minute read

Practice 3 : How to penetrate through the pivot

Develop player’s ability to combine and rotate in central areas, penetrating defensive covering lines.

5 minute read

Coaching Theme Summary

Formation Link | 3412

This Coaching Theme has 3 Level 1 Sessions Introducing the Topic ‘Attacking Centrally’. This is part of our Phase 3 Collection ‘Finishing the Attack’

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