Formations Mini - Playing 122 (4018)

The 2-2 formation, sometimes known as ‘the square’, splits all four players in your team into the two main areas of responsibility: defense and attack. It is simple, clear and can help develop effective defensive and attacking player relationships. 
Although two players are encouraged to push forward and two to stay back, flexibility is key as the attackers will need to help the defense and vice-versa, with elements of rotation required at times throughout the game.
Most teams attack and defend in numbers of at least three, leaving one back or one up.


+ Gives balance during both attacking and defending phases
+ Able to cover areas of the pitch quickly, even when extra support required


-Can be defensively weak if a defender joins the attack and attackers are unwilling to get back to defend 
- Must have a clear understanding of who should join in attacks either side, offering security


Set Up: Our box shape allows team to work together in defensive phase and combine well during attacks (cohesive unit).
Attacking: When building out one side, unit can play down the sides to come back in, additional defender can make incisive forward run



Defending: When defending central areas, be aware of forward runners, tracking players from deep 

 More to follow...