When, Where & How To Turn - Tech (1049-P1)

Football Practice Set Up

Minimum 25 x 25 square and 10 x 10 central square. Groups of 3 to combine as shown below, with 1 player in possession on the outside, with teammates inside square to receive and on opposite side awaiting 2nd pass. Player follow pass into area as central player plays pass out to teammate, dropping out to recycle pattern.


Player Focus:

Receiving half turn - Checking shoulders for traffic - Quality of pass - Intelligent movement

P1: 1-2 Combination

Central Player plays ball back to passer who feeds other outside player before entering central area for return

P2: Drop Out To Recieve

Central players must receive the ball in another area to encourage movement off the ball and creation of angles

P3: Rotation (In and Out)

Outside player now moves into area as central player receives in shaded area, recognising movement triggers

Touchtight Coaching Tips:

With a focus on players ability to play on the half turn, this practice provides opportunities to challenge players of varying abilities regarding movement off the ball, decisions in possession and many other factors.
S - Central players need to recognise where both teammates are when about to receive, using the space effectively
T - Could work players for 60 seconds, and challenge each team to make the most successful combinations
E - As players switch from area to area, there is a need to use both feet and open out both sides, as they would in a game
P - Introduce a passive defender to cause further obstacles in central area to play around, forces outside players to communicate throughout.
Advanced - With many alternatives, coaches could choose to introduce extra support players for each team, a floater available to combine for a single team and additional defenders. Focus on levels of individuals / groups and set challenges accordingly.

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