Football Practice: Receiving To Dribble & Drive - Tech (1044-P1)

Football Practice Set Up

Depending on numbers this practice should be at least a 20x20 big box and 8x8 small box. With older age groups and more numbers could extend to 25x25. Split groups in half, with players on the outside on the ball and other half of players on the inside. First practice is a simple pass into middle man who must turn, do any trick in smaller square, pass to another player and find another ball to repeat.


Player Focus:

Touch - Body Shape - Tricks - Awareness of players - Communication


All players now involved in rotation, when ball passed out or takeover then repeat action, communication

P2: 1-2 COMBO

Player dribbling through centre, must now play a 1-2 with outside player before rotation; check body shape

P3: 1-2 THEN 3RD MAN

After 1-2, pass to player on the right or left of receiver for them to repeat - Game Understanding (Awareness)

Touchtight's Football Coaching Tips:

There are many variations to this practice, including type of service, working headers and volleys together with different movements off the ball. The coach has free licence to implement as many changes they feel would benefit the players. Remember to monitor the time players are working, no longer than 2 minutes for each part and rotate if necessary.
S - SPACE - We could add 2 or 3 separate areas rather than 1 central areas, whereby players must perform a trick before laying off to teammate
T - TIME - Limit to 1-2 minutes. Could challenge players to see how many tricks they can use before cut off; be mindful of drop in level of technique
E - EQUIPMENT - Outside players may have to cross over to other side of square after playing pass
P - PLAYERS - Could introduce defenders to add pressure in central area passively so players have decisions to make in terms of attacking spaces

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