Category number: 52
Theme name: Develop Play After Gaining Possession
Type: skill
Phase: 2
Age: 9
Number of Players: 14
Duration: 20
Part: 1
Level: 1
Skill: movement
Skill2: passing
Skill3: possession
Category custom Id: practice
Home Page Animation: 249228840


Develop Play After Gaining Possession | Opposed (52-P1)

2 areas for possession, with a 25x25 square for a 3v3 plus a floater and a 15x15m area for a 2v2 plus a floater with 1 ball in each practice (coaches decision to progress).
Focus can be on simple movement in what are quite tight areas, with consideration of pass weight and accuracy, rotation, player awareness and ability in 1v1s.

Player Focus:

Quality of passing (Weight & Accuracy) - Timing of runs off the ball - Reaction to losing possession



P1: Directional Practice

Each team attacks and defends a goal, become protective and may slow down attacking



P2:Floater's Decisions

Flexibility for floaters to create 5v3 and 4v2s to develop the switch with single ball in practice



P3: Blues v Reds (5 Pass Transfer goal)

Opposed with a single ball must now take care with passing to make 5 passes to transfer ball to other area.

Touchtight's Soccer Tips:

To develop players who are comfortable playing under pressure and able to make the right decisions in these situations, we can allow this practice to be free flowing, recognising the correct and incorrect decisions made. Ensure a supply of balls are available and maintain tempo with player ownership to add new ball within 3 seconds once out of play. 
S - Add or remove zones, increasing or decreasing space for players depending on ability and age of players 
T - Allow 4-5 minutes free play to be able to assess ability level of players. Could add a time constraint for players to get to 5 transfers for example.  
E - With advanced players, 2 balls would be recommended forcing players to recognise when other square ready to switch - Awareness / Communication
P - Don't necessarily need to play with floaters, providing players switch to maintain balance. In addition larger squads would obviously require larger playing areas
Advanced - More able players will time runs correctly into break out zones, allowing touch conditions to be placed on these players (1 or 2 touch for example). Could add condition that their must be a rotation or 3rd man run before switch is made possible. 

Article Description 2 areas for possession, with a 25x25 square for a 3v3 plus a floater and a 15x15m area for a 2v2 plus a floater with 1 ball in each practice (coaches decision to progress).
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