Football Practice: Attack Centrally When Midfield Marked - Opposed (1054a) 


Central player must perform Go & Show movements to find space
Q = How do outside players know where the space can be created?

Football Practice Set Up:

This basic, yet effective possession practice can be used to develop players ability to find space in between or off the shoulder of players to combine and maintain possession. In a 15 x 15 metre square, we have 4 players on the outside who can work around the edge of the square and one centrally to combine.
2 Defending players must regain possession as many times as they can in a given time. Initial focus must be defensive players to defend together and press correctly to provide challenge for possession team.




Player Focus

Finding Space - Weight/Accuracy Of Pass - 1 or 2 Touch decision making - Angles & Distance


Central Player must switch with outside teammate immediately after combining

Q = Which player should you rotate with here?


If 2 DFs win possession, they become a 4 v 3 with 2 floaters (previously Reds) 

Q = How could you create a clear overload?


Possession Player scores 2 points for a 1-2 around DF, or a goal for combining through the middle

Q = How could you create better 2 v 1 chances?

Touchtight Tips

With more players as in a squad of 14, have 2 practices run side by side. More advanced coaches could develop this so that players could switch groups during practice, encouraging effective communication. Try to develop individual players technical ability in this quite concentrated practice, with movement and passing the main focus.



SPACE: This practice is all about space and so you as the coach must encourage players to use feints, and use 1 or 2 touches to play around
TIME:Work 2 DFs for 2 minutes to develop the press in addition to possession technique. Challenge how many times in 2 minutes can possession be regained
EQUIPMENT: Simple flat discs if possible with balls and bibs. Could add flat disc to central of area, splitting area into 4 in which central player must use to combine in each area
PLAYER:Work with the numbers you have, i.e. 6 v 3 or other. Try to relate this to positions in the pitch. e.g. Number 10 combining in attacking third.

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