Article Number: 573
Article Type: Practice
Category number: 42
Theme name: Rotational Movement
Type: Individual
Phase: 2
Age: 9
Number of Players: 1
Duration: 15
Part: 1
Level: 1
Skill: Movement
Skill2: Speed
Skill3: Turning
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Rotational Movement | Individual (42-P1)


Level 1 Individual 1 A

Set Up
This Individual practice is focused on developing movement to receive in a 25yard area, with coach working one to one with a player. Here we must focus on movement to and away from the pass, developing touch to finish in mini goals as shown.
We can begin practice with a number of balls. Player must initiate movement away from central cone for coach to play pass and play to finish first time, if possible. Player then jogs back to central area to repeat; work around 10 balls.
Duration | 15 minutes
Age Group | 9+
Players | 1
Player Focus
Movement | Change Of Pace | 1st Touch | Finish (Pass Quality)

Level 1 Individual 1 B

Progression 1
Player must make movement out of central area to receive. This will encourage a change of pace from standing position.

Level 1 Individual 1 C

Progression 2
Coach will now vary delivery, with passes lofted, or driven on the floor. This will encourage quick feet movement away from the pass and also develops player's first touch in any direction pass is received.
Level 1 Individual 1 D
Progression 3
With central area split, coach can determine movement into each area. Player's touch must take them out of square to finish, encourages quick thinking and reactions to call.
Article Description This Individual practice is focused on developing movement to receive in a 25 x 25 area, allowing you to work one to one with individual players.