Football Practice: Using Quick Wingers - Technical (1038a)

Football Practice Set Up

20 x 20 area, with a 10 x 10 square in central area, with 4 gates each positioned on the corners of the central square area. Player must dribble into central area, perform a dribble / turn to change direction and attack another corner and repeat once through the gates. Player must finish with shot on target after performing 4 dribbles and turns.


Player Focus:

Individual Skills: Close control - Dribblng choice - Balance - Turning speed - Finishing technique

P1: Goals to finish

Players to finish in each of 4 goals, to encourage close control as they move through each gate

Touchtight Coaching Tips:

To develop dribbling as a skill, we must ensure players are comfortable without pressure. With the younger players, goals are always are always a target to motivate them to complete the technique better; here requiring close control on approach.
S - Change the size of gates and / or central dribbling area depending on age and quality if player
T - Dribblers could be encouraged to get a certain number of dribbles in each area or within a certain time. i.e. 4 different dribbles or tricks and finishes in 30 seconds
E - Could split square into 4 to ensure dribble takes place in different areas, or even add a central gate
P - Individual player focus
Advanced - More able young players may be encouraged to use both feet or just weaker foot during different dribbles. Encourage dribbling pace with better players and ensure they finish effectively and are not rushed in their dribbling approach


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