Football Practice: Direct Counter Attack From Deep - Tech (1008 - P1)

Area is set up with a 40 Yard width and 36 Yard length, which can vary depending on age and number of players (e.g. 15 players requires 5 x 10 yard areas so 50 yds).
Central player will run with the ball to end player, lay off, run around player and receive the other side, before performing a dribble and repeating the action; 1 - 2 minutes rotate.
Duration: 20 minutes     Skill: Dribbling & RWTB     Age Group: 9+ 
couple of football cones   12+ DISCS           football game     4+ BALL             football player running behind the ball 1    9+ PLAYERS           football strategic sketch     EASY             icon  40 x 36 Yards

Player Focus

Speed / Acceleration - Control and touches - RWTB - Endurance


At end of run, play 1-2 before rounding player to receive and repeat opposite end


All players now involved in dribbling, RWTB with takeover after each run, add competition


Blue 3 moves to outside after passing to Red 7, sets Blue 2 to lays for Blue 3 to restart

Touchtight Soccer Practice Tips

This develops endurance, whilst also allowing players to improve RWTB and experiment dribbling skills. Coach must be focused on capacity of players and alter time that players are working.


Key Coaching Questions (1 & 2):
  • 1. Players to perform dribble after few touches with tight control and then explode to get out of their feet when RWTB - (on 3 minutes)
  • 2. How can you ensure you get your head up on each touch? Important during practice (on 6 minutes)
Progression 1: (6 minutes)
  • 1. Play a 1-2 with player at end of dribble to develop communication and awareness of pass and touch required
Key Coaching Questions (3 & 4):
  • 3. How does this influence your thinking as you approach the end player? - (on 9 minutes)
  • 4. How can end players help and ensure your movement around them isn't hindered? (on 12 minutes)
Progression 2: (12 minutes)
  • 2. Players now takeover pass with all players now working.
Key Coaching Questions (5 & 6):
  • 5. What type of communication (verbal/non-verbal) is useful here? (on 15 minutes)
  • 6. Which side does your teammate want the ball, can you work his weaker side alternatively? (on 18 minutes)
Progression 3: (18 minutes)
  • 3. End players now switch with each other in next row, encouraging awareness off the ball.
Summarised Points:
  • * How could you improve your Running with the ball individually?
  • ** Is this a strength or weakness and how are you going to measure improvements during the season?

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